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Monday, March 14, 2011


I thought the Autism Speaks logo on a big white sail would grab a lot of positive attention, so I paid a visit to Skip Moorehouse of Moorehouse Sailmakers, Inc. in Lumberton, NJ.  

Skip has made, altered, repaired and washed many sails for me over the years, so I know he does great work. He loved the story of The Voyage for Autism Awareness and insisted on donating the sail & logo to the cause.
As you can see, he did a great job . . .

I built "SPRAY" last Spring at a boatbuilding class with instruction from Mark Stevens of Chesapeake Light Craft in Annapolis, MD. Her namesake was the first vessel to be sailed single-handed around the world by a man named Joshua Slocum. He began his historic voyage on April 25, 1895. 

On April 16, 2011 - 116 years later - The Voyage for Autism Awareness will begin

That's a mere 5 weeks from now, so it's time to get "SPRAY" ready for the long haul. We took advantage of a nice break in the weather and got a lot done!

  5 layers of polyurethane paint was removed from the bottom panel and a little off the sides . . .

A lot of wear and tear is expected, so although she is constructed of the finest modern boatbuilding materials, a little extra armor won't hurt. 3 layers of epoxy mixed with graphite provide a tough, scratch resistant shell.  

Some say the graphite makes the boat faster, too . . .

Brother-in-Law Joe Sheehan slaps a coat of varnish on the spars . . .

A fresh coat of  'Sea Green' polyurethane and she's looking good . . .

'SPRAY' will get another coat of paint before we flip 'er over and spruce up the varnish.

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