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Saturday, May 7, 2011

We MADE it! . . . now DONATE IT! Click HERE to Donate to Autism Speaks!

Voyage for Autism Awareness

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The Voyage for Autism Awareness wishes to thank the hundreds of people who supported this awesome event, both physically and financially, and made it such a success!
Here are some statistics for the trip:

**Miles traveled: 451 statute miles ('SPRAY' was rowed or sailed for all but about 16 miles, for which she was towed due to safety reasons [twice] & waterway restrictions [once], and portaged over 6 miles of asphalt from the Delaware River to the D&R Canal.)

**States covered: 6, and the District of Columbia (DC, VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY)

**Days to reach NY: 15 (2 down days due to weather)

**Funds raised: as of 05/15/11 - over $10,300. People are still donating . . . DID YOU?

**Objects struck: 1 Red Buoy, somewhere on the Potomac, below Quantico Marine Corps Base

**Number of great people encountered along the way: COUNTLESS!


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